Eyes open, ears on, fingers wiggling, arms waving in your direction. Welcome to my backyard cyber garden.

Tech burnout turned human in the real world. Reestablishing a relationship with time, place, and people. Reskilling in the Sonoran desert, harvesting rainwater to grow community foodscapes. Sharing the abundance. Building dual power.

Making lately: music, art, video games, and massive amounts of hummus.

Exploring lately: optimistic visions of the future (social ecology, degrowth, usufruct, permaculture), natural building, from-scratch cooking, crafts pushed aside in the descent to rampant consumerism, and figuring out how to carefully and minimually use technology in those scenarios.

I sometimes share things on Mastodon

Recent Updates

What I'm Doing Now

Embracing the small / weird / wild web

In the rush to a new crop of corporate-owned social media sites, I've chosen a different path. Instead, I'm gleefully riding the resurgence in the internet that is more personal, distributed, human, and handmade. The term "internet sovereignty" is a good descriptor of what I'm seeing and seeking.

The ongoing redesign of this website is a step in that direction. As was joining Mastodon — where I am finding more aligned minds and sense of community than I ever did on Twitter etc.

Growing a distributed farm

Along with a lovely group of pals, I am in the process of creating a mutual aid organization. In the simplest of terms, the goal is to grow food with each other, for each other and others that need it. That means growing food in gardens across many locations in the Tucson Metro Area, connecting those that have access to land with those that do not. We help each other grow on the land and we all share in the abundance. Think mutual aid victory gardens with land-, labor-, skill-, and harvest-sharing. In Tucson? Give me a shout.

Prototyping a different internet

A long-running project with @lukexi to make an internet thing in a long-neglected direction.